We Need Your Support!

There is a lot at stake for Maine workers and their families—from advocating for fair wages, securing safe work environments, properly training the next generation of workers and ensuring responsible contracting, MSBCTC has its work cut out for it in 2019.

Please help us build upon all that we achieved in 2018. We partnered with the community to train young people, mid career adults, women and people of color in our Building Pathways Maine program. We created and expanded work opportunities for our members. We enacting responsible contracting and prevailing wage jobs at the local level. These are significant victories for Maine's working families!

This year we have twelve important bills before the legislature -- bills that, if they become law, will put working Mainers first. That’s twice as many as the last several years combined! But we know it will be a fight; some of our most difficult battles are on the horizon and that's why we need you to be part of our team in 2019.

From training the workforce of the future, to having a presence in Augusta and in Town Halls across Maine, to enacting working family-friendly laws, we need you on board to help make it happen!

Thank you for joining us to strengthen Maine's future

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