Fair Contracting

When it comes to a contractor building a project and building a community, there’s a right way and a wrong way. On one hand, there are those who undercut wages, avoid paying taxes, refuse health coverage and deny certified training.

On the other? Those that truly demonstrate that they value their most precious resource: the men and women on the job. It was recently stated by a local government official that the term “Responsible Contracting” offends some contractors out there. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? Typical Responsible Contracting benchmarks might require that contractors (and their subs):

• Are fully licensed and bonded

• Have had no wage/hour violations for the past three consecutive years

• Provide OSHA 10-hour safety training

• Participate in a certified apprenticeship program

• Pay prevailing wages and offer health insurance

• Provide all benefits of employment to their workforce (including social security, workers comp, and unemployment insurance

• Comply with all other federal and state regulations

• Have no history of violating this policy in previous public contracts

Sound offensive to you? You’re right, and it doesn’t to us either. That’s why we are fighting to implement Responsible Contracting language in Augusta and in municipalities across Maine.