Our Major Issues

The MSBCTC partners with the community and works with elected and appointed officials to enact solid policy that reflects the needs of a growing and prosperous state. Because we know that Maine can only be as good as those who build it, our priorities are geared to give hard working Mainers a fair shake and make our state a great place to live, work, play and grow.

Conversations with our representatives in Washington, multiple bills in the state legislature and a number of ordinance proposals at the local level have us hard at work educating decision-makers and our friends in the community on issues such as:

Fair Wages, so that we avoid bids being won by contractors and their subs who artificially depress the wage line and take advantage of workers so they can simply win a bid.

• Responsible Contracting, where jobs are done by firms who pay a fair wage, on safe job sites and with a defined training pathway.

• Worker Misclassification, where subpar firms (illegally) get away with underpaying workers and skirting wage and tax laws, hurting workers, the state and the community.

• Registered Apprenticeships, where a clear pathway to the middle class is verified, vetted and approved by a state or federal experts.