Registered Apprenticeships

We know that as our workforce ages, we must make sure that we are training the next generation of Mainers who will be responsible for building our communities. But we also know that not all training is created equal. That’s why the MSBCTC advocates for contractors to step up and participate in the state-registered program where there are not only guidelines and accountability, but also flexibility and customization.

Why Not?

You have to ask yourself: Why wouldn’t a contractor register their training program with the subject matter experts at the state? If their training is as top-notch as they say, what’s to hide?

Well while we know that no one can force a private contractor to register their program, even if it’s the right thing to do, government entities can mandate registered apprenticeships on any projects that receive public funding. It’s simple: Want to receive taxpayer dollars? Provide this public benefit by creating pathways to the middle class for young men and women.