Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wage laws regulate the wages and benefits paid to workers on publicly funded construction projects. Maine’s law applies to projects contracted with the State for $50,000 or more, or with public authorities such as the Maine Turnpike Authority. Many states have taken action to protect skilled workers and the wages they command in construction. But here in Maine we can do more.

MSBCTC is Working To:

• Add public school construction and other County or Municipal construction projects using public funding to Maine’s prevailing wage law

• Improve prevailing wage data collected in Maine so it is more up to date and complete

• Strengthen enforcement of Maine’s prevailing wage laws and increase penalties and fines for contractors who cut corners, fail to report wages and benefits or falsify reports

• Lower the dollar threshold when prevailing wages must be paid

Research and data show that prevailing wage laws do not add to construction costs, rather, prevailing wage laws contribute to economic development and stronger, local economies. Prevailing wage laws make local contractors more competitive and enhance local hiring. Without prevailing wage laws, predatory contractors can swoop in and underbid responsible contractors—and that hurts everyone: skilled workers, their families and our local communities and economies

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